Who We Are

Title companies have always been not understood by home buyers. What is a title company? What do they do? What is title insurance? Do I need it? We understand those gaps in understanding. Our job is to not only educate our clients but make sure that they have a closing experience to remember.

Closing at a title company has been the same for years and we want to change that. We are taking steps to modernize the closing experience. This allows us to provide a better experience for our customer and realtors. On top of that, it helps cut costs and return those savings to the customer, who is already spending so much to purchase a property. 

We would love to guide you through your closings and show you benefits with working with Lake Title. Once you close with us, you will not think of any other title company. 

Our Staff

Arman Oskooi

612-424-3405 Arman@LakeTitleMN.com

David Nahan

612-424-3482 Dave@LakeTitleMN.com

Kristen Christie
Lead Executive Closer

612-998-4018 Kristen@LakeTitleMN.com

Sofia Stefonick
Executive Closer

612-424-9173 sofia@laketitlemn.com

Elicia Dickenson
Closing Coordinator

612-424-3444 frontdesk@laketitlemn.com

Robin Petermeier
Closing Coordinator

763-225-3026 Robin@LakeTitleMN.com

Our Offices

Lake Title

1101 E 78th St #315
Bloomington, MN 55420